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Greg Gebhardt is a member of the North Carolina National Guard. Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the North Carolina National Guard, Department of the Army or the DoD.

Greg Gebhardt Committee

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Our Vision for 2020

Veterans, Vocational Trades, & Voter ID.

Thanks to your support and generous contributions, we're winning this race. We are more than buzz-words and rhetoric, we have a clear vision for 2020; Veterans, Vocational Trades, and Voter ID.

Veterans: As an Iraq War Veteran and a current Major in the North Carolina National Guard, Greg knows how important it is to take care of our veterans. We need to do more for our veterans. Specifically, we need to make retirement income for veterans in North Carolina tax-free. We are 1 of only 8 states that do nothing for veterans in terms of their retirement pay. The great men and women of our military sacrifice their lives in defense of our country, we need to do better by them.

Vocational Trades: As a former PTA President and substitute teacher, Greg knows that education is fundamental to developing individual potential and leveling the playing field for all people, regardless of their background. Our children deserve every opportunity to succeed. They need to know the value of certification from North Carolina's Community College System, which is the best in the nation. A focus on vocational trades will ensure that our children grow up to be productive, taxpaying citizens. Our high schools can open programs for students to become certified plumbers, HVAC technicians, Nursing Assistants, electricians, and much more. We need to grow these opportunities.

Voter ID: As a policy advisor in the North Carolina General Assembly, Greg worked on the original Voter ID bill in 2013. We believe that our constitutional requirement to provide photographic identification for voting is fundamental to the security and integrity of our elections. Currently, 35 states have a Voter ID law on the books and here in North Carolina back in 2018, 82% of our counties demanded Voter ID become a part of our Constitution. Voter ID in North Carolina is about making sure that every individual who presents him or herself to vote are in fact whom they say they are and that cumulatively, it is these votes—and ONLY these votes—that determine the outcome of our elections. We will work every day to ensure that Voter ID is enshrined in our constitution and upheld by our courts.

If you believe in this vision for North Carolina, we encourage you to Join Team Greg today.