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Greg Gebhardt is a member of the North Carolina National Guard. Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the North Carolina National Guard, Department of the Army or the DoD.

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GOP Lt. Governor Candidate First in Flight

Iraq War Veteran and current GOP Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Greg Gebhardt announces his plans to take to the skies in 2020.

Today, December 17, 2019 marks the 116th anniversary of the Wright Brothers’ first successful powered flight. In honor of our state's rich-history, Greg Gebhardt will be taking off in a small aircraft in 2020, relying on our state's regional public airports to meet voters across the state.

According to the Division of Aviation, "North Carolina’s public airports annually contribute $52 billion to the state’s economy, supporting 307,000 jobs that generate $12.6 billion in personal income and $2.2 billion in state and local tax revenues."

Greg Gebhardt is the first candidate for Lieutenant Governor known to-date to travel across the state in the skies, making him "First in Flight."

On the plans, Greg Gebhardt offered the following:

"In honor of North Carolina's rich history of being first in flight, I will be taking off in 2020 to travel the skies, meeting North Carolinians from across the state and proving to them why I'm the best candidate for Lieutenant Governor."

"Our campaign has always been about reaching as many hardworking North Carolinians as possible, in their communities. The opportunity to share our message of the American Dream with grassroots supporters across the state is only possible thanks to the generosity of a fellow combat veteran and his family."

Further details on our team's flight plans will be released in the coming weeks.

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